Head of group


Senior Researcher

Boris Gutman

Currently at Illinois Institute of Technology, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Assistant Professor
Projects: Heritability in Connectomes, Metric Learning via Diffeomorphic Image Registration, Dataset Driven Optimal Parcellation

Graduate students

Research engineers

Anton Vasilyuk

Artyom Borzov

Projects: Huntington Disease

Undergraduate Students

Alexey Domrachev

Alexey Shevtsov

Igor Medvedev

Projects: Huntington Disease

Mikhail Goncharov

Sophia Yakusheva

External collaborators

Yuri Seliverstov

Projects: Huntington Disease

MD, PhD, Research Center of Neurology


Alexander Ivanov

Projects: Connectome Classification

Amir Safiullin

Currently at Group
Projects: White Matter Hyperintensity, Convolutional Networks for 3D MRI Data Analysis

Anna Tkachev

Currently at Skoltech Prof. Khaitovich PhD Program
Projects: Connectome Classification

Daria Belyaeva

Currently at RBtechnologies
Projects: Geometry of the Set of Symmetric Positive Semidefinite Matrices

Egor Kuznetsov

Currently at MegaFon
Projects: Shape Quality Checking

Gleb Makarchuk

Currently at Google, Zurich, Switzerland
Projects: Brain Tumor Image Retrieval, Ensembling Neural Networks for Histological Images

Sergey Korolev

Currently at Snap Inc.
Projects: Convolutional Networks for 3D MRI Data Analysis

Yaroslav Shmulev

Currently at SAP SE, Moscow
Projects: Predicting Conversion of MCI to AD